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Finishing Strong

What is your north star? Is it a job you want? A destination you want to reach? A sales target, perhaps? Whatever it may be, achieving it demands blood sweat and tears.

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“I start a picture and I finish it.” – Jean-Michel Basquiat.”

Starting something new is fantastic. Sure, there are butterflies and anxious energy with all beginnings, but there’s also excitement, hope and expectations. At the outset, the destination looks reachable.

There are heady emotions when no potholes, obstacles or unexpected setbacks dimmish your can-do attitude and determinations to succeed. Starting is great, indeed. Yet there's something even more potent – finishing.

Look around you today at the increasing numbers of people who start things with a bang, but end them in dejection, disillusionment and bitterness. Unfortunately, the numbers dwindle with finishers. Across business, families, communities and individuals, the examples are endless.

The struggle with finishing strong is real and ubiquitous. In all attempts to reach our goals, we can be sure we're going to hit problems and adversity. Focus and energy are easy to harness when all's going well – but when it isn't, that's when you build your will and discipline because throwing in the proverbial towel and quitting is the easy way out.

When adversity hits, no amount of talent or conditioning will get you past. What’s required here is that sacred human trait called character. Like training to be a champion fighter, adversity is the sparring partner necessary to carve out a winner within you. Please don't be misguided by my analogy: finishing strong is about winning with your mental fortitude, after countless battles and even losses. It's not about your competitors – it's about you and how much mental strength you can summon in the heat of battle. It's the personal wins that determine whether you'll become a strong finisher in whatever you do or pursue. These personal victories aren't about scoreboards or awards: They're about cultivating an unrelenting attitude of determination. This inner strength is what you draw on in bringing something to an end with vigour.

Today, right now, you have the opportunity to resolve how you’ll start and finish in 2020. According to the Julian calendar, were at the start of a new year, but fiscally speaking, we have just under two months to finish strong in business.

Take courage, cast off any feeble reasoning and resolve in yourself that you'll take something begun today to strong completion.

See you at the finish line!

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